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Offsite timber frame fire spread risk assessments

HSG168 "Fire Safety in Construction" published by the Health and Safety Executive, requires a site-specific risk assessment to be undertaken to determine the impact of a site fire on neighbouring off site properties.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) - Regulation 29 also requires the effect of fire from the site to be considered.

Blackburn Associates are able to complete offsite fire spread risk assessments that will fulfil the requirements of these two documents by considering the risk of fire spread during the construction phase of the development.

The fire risk assessment produced will analyse the risk of fire spreading to neighbouring buildings by using the industry standard best practice documents. It will provide recommendations for the specification of timber frame category and fire risk mitigation measures to be taken by the construction teams while they are on site and building the units.

Whether you are a self builder with one plot, or a large developer with multiple plots being released for sale over differing phases, Blackburn Associates are able to assist with your off-site fire spread risk assessment requirements.  

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