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There is a requirement under the fire safety law to ensure that staff and employees are trained and receive instruction on the action to be taken in the event of fire.

In addition to your own employees’ safety, customers and clients often rely on staff for guidance and assistance in the event of fire particularly in a care or hotel environment.

Fire warden and fire awareness courses are offered in your own premises. The training is adapted to take into account your premises fire precautions, is based on your fire risk assessment and also the National Occupational Standards produced by the fire professional framework that relate to the role of a fire warden/marshal.

Areas covered within the training includes;

  • The causes of fire and the basic principles of combustion
  • The impact and hazards of fire
  • Fire and smoke spread
  • Means of escape and fire alarm systems
  • Means of escape and fire precautions within your building
  • Use of fire fighting equipment
  • Duties of employers and employees
  • Daily role of fire wardens and duties during an emergency

On completion of the course an attendance certificate will be awarded to students.

Other bespoke fire safety training courses are available on request.