Services available to ensure your employees, visitors and business premises are safe from fire and that you are complying with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005;

  • Fire safety strategies for new build or extensions – Fire strategies and reports can be produced to ensure your new development complies with the fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations. A fire strategy will be produced that is pragmatic, economically sensible, ensures the safety of occupants and will demonstrate to both Building Control and the Fire and Rescue Service that the fire safety provision meets all functional requirements within the building regulations.
  • Fire safety management audits – An audit of your fire risk assessments, fire safety facilities and fire safety management processes within your business or premises. A report will be provided that assesses your fire risk management and, if appropriate, provide recommendations to improve fire safety within your business or premises.
  • Fire risk assessment reviews – Reviews can be undertaken of your existing fire risk assessments to confirm compliance with fire legislation and to provide you with independent reassurance that the assessment of fire risk is suitable and sufficient.
  • Fire safety advice during alterations or refurbishments – It is vital that during any building works you take account of the impact that may be made on the existing fire safety scheme and therefore on the safety of those in the premises. Advice can be given at the planning stage or during the works and a report provided.
  • Fire safety surveys – prior to occupation – A full survey can be completed of any building that your business is considering or about to relocate into. This will ensure that you are aware of fire safety deficiencies and be able to address them thereby ensuring compliance with the fire safety law from the beginning of your occupation.
  • Fire safety surveys – pre purchase – A full survey can be completed of a commercial building that you are considering purchasing and a report produced that details any deficiencies. This will allow you to ensure essential work is completed prior to moving in or the price negotiated accordingly.